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About Us

Meet The Team

Brett Linkletter

Brett Linkletter is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned marketing executive. He has an aggressive willingness to take on new challenges and a strong understanding of branding which is reflected as the owner of Hudson & Hammer. His speciality lies in creative content creation, social media growth hacking, and design. Brett earned a BA in Digital Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California and has Co-Founded a total of 6 different companies by the age of 24. His biggest role model and lifetime hero is his great grandfather, Art Linkletter, who was a famous TV personality and business man.

Brett Linkletter
Creative Director/CEO

Malek comes to Misfit Media with expert knowledge of the Facebook Advertising platform. With prior experience running million dollar budgets for brands like Dollar Shave Club and Honey, Malek has an expertise in selling tangible products online. Malek graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, receiving his B.S. in Business Administration. On his days off, you can find him playing basketball or studying Facebook advertising. Seriously though.

Malek Khulusi
Jace Kovacevich

Jace earned a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. He specializes in analysis of all business aspects of any online operations to drive growth, revenue and ROI. Whether it’s finding a creative way to generate new leads or optimizing conversion funnels, Jace is a customer acquisition pro. Before Misfit Media, Jace excelled in management and digital marketing with Macy’s where he was selected as the company's top 50 ``up-and-coming`` executives. In his free time, you’ll find Jace working on his golf game or snowboarding a local mountain.

Jace Kovacevich

Kat earned her BA in Economics with an emphasis in Social Science at the University of Southern California. She has spent time working for a breadth of different companies, with a consistent focus on digital brand messaging and the creation of a dynamic customer experience online.

As Client Success Manager here at Misfit, she has honed the ability to translate business objectives into Social Media objectives and thrives in developing content that drives engagement and conversion. She also plays a heavy hand in keeping things organized around Misfit HQ--earning her the unofficial title of ‘Misfit Mom’.

Katriana Du'Gas
Client Success Manager

Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic

Our passion for food led us into the restaurant industry and our success in this space kept us here. It’s no surprise why Misfit Media has coined the phrase, “Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic.” Through Facebook’s unique geographic and demographic targeting platform, Misfit has been able to aid restaurants in: explosive launch campaigns, viral food videos, and a variety of other growth tactics which have led to increased customer count month to month.

Turn Clicks Into Customers

Misfit Media was born in January 2015 under the principle that “It’s easier to market to your target customer when you are the target customer.” At the time, brick and mortar was dying and online shopping was soon to be the primary area of distribution.

We tend to get picky with what ecommerce brands we work with – We only work with brands we genuinely like and would use/rock and we believe we can effectively market online. We’re looking for quality brands we can grow with and believe in. If you’re curious to learn more about us and see if your brand may qualify to work with Misfit, shoot us an email at hello@misfitmedia.com !

Attract New Customers

Misfit Media firmly believes in the ideal that “content is king.” Marketing agencies today tend to focus on one of two sides: creative or data. Misfit prides itself on the idea that we are CREATIVES at heart but turned into DATA DORKS at the same time. In order to run an effective marketing campaign, you need great, relevant content and you need to be able to analyze the data to optimize results. We don’t just take great looking photos or produce beautiful videos – we create content that gets clicks and leads to sales, customers, and/or leads!

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